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Learn how to knit a hat

Aug 25, 2023Aug 25, 2023

When the nights are dark and winter is upon us, it’s the perfect time to dust off those knitting needles and learn how to knit a hat. Why not treat yourself, or whip up a few as gifts for loved ones – our super-easy pattern can be made up in less than a day curled up on the sofa with needles clicking away. This pattern makes for perfect telly knitting!

If you use the same yarn as us, you can easily omit the pompom and whip up one of these hats for less than £10. One ball of Rowan Big Wool will get you all the way from the cast on stitches, to the top of the hat. A faux-fur pompom also makes for a stylish alternative adornment.

Any other super chunky or super bulky weight yarn will be absolutely fine as a substitute, as long as you know the tension you need and you’ve got the number of metres on your ball as specified by the pattern below.

If you’ve been wondering for a while about how to knit a hat, it really is easier than you think. While some will have complex cables or pattern work, we’ve designed this one to be super easy and quick, comprising of only knit and purl stitches.

And to make things even easier, check out our how-to video below – let us show you how it’s done!

If you'd like to brush up on your knitting techniques, check out our step-by-step how to knit video here.

Worked in the round, this is a great knitting project to introduce you to circular needles and has hardly any sewing up at the end – seams go out the window a bit when you’re knitting tubes like this one, a bonus many knitters enjoy.

Other hat patterns will be worked flat and stitched up at the end. There’s nothing wrong with that, just aim to have your seam placed at the back of your head when you’re wearing your finished item for a smooth surface.

Keeping track of how many rounds you’ve worked, or how many remaining stitches you have to work for each round, can be tricky – but a simple tip is to use the yarn tail from your cast on edge as a handy marker. You could use stitch markers or even a piece of contrast-coloured yarn if you prefer.

Click here for our guide to using circular knitting needles.

To fit average sized ladies head : 22-25 inches (56-64cm). Length 8.5 inches (22cm) from cuff turn-up to top of head.

2 x 100g (80m) balls of Rowan Big Wool in Yoke (078)

10mm 40cm circular knitting needles

darning needle


K, knit; p, purl; RS, right-side of work; WS, wrong-side of work; patt, pattern; st(s), stitch(es); dec, decrease by either knitting 2 or purling 2 together depending on what looks best with the stitches you are working; stst, stocking stitch; cont, continue; tog, together.

9sts and 13 rows to 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10cm) when working stst in the round on 10mm needles.

Using 10mm circular needles, cast on 53 sts loosely using the cable cast on method.

Row 1 (WS): Slip 1st cast on stitch from the right, to the left-hand needle so that it sits alongside your last cast-on stitch. Be careful to make sure your cast-on edge hasn’t twisted at this stage. K2tog, working 1st and last cast on stitches together to create a smooth join. (P2, k2) to last 3 sts, p2, k1. (52sts)

Round 2: (K1, p2, k1) to end.

Round 2 sets the 2 x 2 rib pattern. Cont in patt for 6 more rounds.

Round 9: (Patt 11, dec) 4 times (48sts)

Round 10 (RS): Knit to end.

This last round sets stst. Cont in stst for 22 more rounds.

Round 24: (K4, k2tog) to end. (40sts)

Work 2 rounds of stst.

Round 27: (K3, k2tog) to end. (32sts)

Work 1 round of stst.

Round 29: (K2, k2tog) to end. (24sts)

Round 30: (K1, k2tog) to end. (16sts)

Round 31: (K2tog) to end. (8sts)

Cut the yarn leaving a tail of at least 15cm. Use a darning needle to pull the yarn through the remaining stitches left on your needle, twice. Pull tight and darn in ends on WS of work, noting that the rib cuff edge is turned upwards as shown in the video.

Make a pompom approximately 10cm in diameter, cutting two circles of card to size with holes in the middle as pompom makers. Stitch to top of hat.

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It’s simpler than you think to knit a hatHat patterns are all differentTips for working with circular needlesFinished measurementsMaterialsAbbreviationsKpRSWSpattst(s)decststcont togTensionCast on stitchesRow 1 (WS): Round 2: Round 9: Round 10 (RS): Shape top of the hatRound 24: Round 27: Round 29: Round 30: Round 31: Do you love knitting? Share your creations with us by tagging @primamag in your pictures on Instagram! You Might Also Like