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Ticked off! @yarn manufacturers

Aug 28, 2023Aug 28, 2023

To the person ticked off at someone who signed into the doctor’s office before them because they got off the elevator first: Doctors take patients in order of the time of their appointment, not the time of their arrival. You can relax now.

I am greatly ticked off with yarn manufacturers cannot perfect their skein-winding methods to avoid such a mess after we get a few yards into the product trying to knit, etc. Have a heart!

I’m ticked off that people who want to see all of us driving an electric vehicle haven’t considered that residents of condominiums and apartment complexes don’t have the convenience of just plugging a vehicle into a receptacle in their garage. Given a few more years for the kinks to be worked out of these vehicles, I would gladly consider buying an electric car, but I live in a high rise condo, as do many thousands of other Florida residents. One more issue: the batteries in EV’s are very heavy, making them like a tank. For this reason, they are more likely to cause extreme damage if involved in an accident. Wonder what it costs to insure an EV.

I’m ticked off that we have a subcontractor delivering our mail, not a real USPS employee. I have the USPS Informed Delivery and get an email scan every morning of what mail I should receive that day. When it’s a few pieces of second or third class mail, he never delivers and that mail disappears into the nether world. We also have “skip” day in our community, where every other home gets mail delivery. Odd that there are so many homes not getting mail that day!

Thank you Publix and all other establishments that are finally enforcing the law! True service animals are allowed in stores and restaurants, but not pets. “Therapy Dogs” are not service animals! How insulting for those individuals who have real service animals to see people walking their pets, putting them in carts or pushing them in carriages in the grocery and retail stores or restaurants. There is a law against that, but many establishments will not confront these scofflaws who continue to break that law. People will do what they want as long as they are allowed to. Thank you Publix and others for making them abide by our laws!

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