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Dior releases a collaborative collection with Denim Tears

Jun 15, 2023Jun 15, 2023

The partnership between Dior and Denim Tears juxtaposes elegance and singularity, casual and classic, dreams and enchantments, all inspired by denim fabrics

Denim dates back to the 17th century and the love for the fabric has never faltered; instead it continues to flourish even in today’s fashion scene. Denim also provides an endless source of inspiration for fashion designers, including, most recently, for Dior Men’s artistic director Kim Jones, who invited Tremaine Emory of Denim Tears to the Dior atelier to guest design a capsule collection for the maison.

Named “Dior Tears,” the partnership combines many juxtapositions between the two brands. In particular, Dior’s classics are mixed up with Denim Tears’s casual style, creating a combination of American archetypes and French high savoir-faire. The resulting collection is young and, at the same time, elegant. As an intriguing side note, Dior Tears also pays homage to the journey of jazz.

“I want to share that moment in time, that beautiful moment in time where black writers and musicians and artists were coming from America, running from America and finding some level of acceptance in certain European cities and being able to have their art respected and who they are respected. It wasn’t perfect, but it was just a moment, a beautiful moment for blacks to have the privilege and opportunity to escape from the terror, the horrors of America, a segregated Jim Crow America. Artists like Miles Davis and writers like James Baldwin found refuge in Paris,” says Tremaine Emory on his collaboration with Dior.

Dior Tears focuses on denim fabrics, infused with the style of jazz musicians in the fifties and sixties. Exemplifying the style are plaid shirts paired with varsity jackets and chinos. The collection re-sees Dior’s tailored suits playfully combined with joggers and denim pants. From the accessories line, the trumpet bag takes center stage with its striking cognac leather. Also included are the Dior Saddle and Dior Lingot in their newest iterations.